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It is a very sexual movie but the way that they approached it and explored it was fascinating. Don't expect it to be a porno because it really is not. i had to pay an actor to play my husband for the day.

Their daughter, Karen, is Jay's mother and is dead from breast cancer.

Terry's trial for Jase's murder approaches and Jay is furious to learn that, rather than attempting to help Jase, Billy hid to save himself.

Terry's wife, Viv Bates (Dido Miles), threatens to hurt Jay if Billy testifies.

All of the characters were well developed and they all seemed human enough, for a movie. I liked the story between the gay couple and I liked the asian woman and her story. just filmed a music video for "housewife" yesterday that i'm really excited about!

ok so i watched the clip and understand now..a movie...a hardcore movie, hardcore but not considered porn I guess...in some circles I guess it could be. I just watched the movie and I have to say that it was an amazing movie. it's been quite a challenge and a learning experience, and assuming my performance isn't a total failure (hopefully only partial), the goal is to release it and go on tour this summer2.

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Jay appears after Evie's funeral, when he is taken to live with Bert in Walford, per Evie's wishes.

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