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However, it wasn’t obvious from the example how you could return your own error messages when the client sends bad XML.Here’s an approach for elegant handling of those situations.These examples use the POX Contacts sample from Spring WS 1.5.9.

So their request just has the Name in it, like this. But I don’t want the developers of the new client to contact me and ask me to look at the log file each time they send a request with formatting error.Details about how to create an XSD schema and JAXB classes are explained in this tutorial.I will also briefly show exception handling and validation support in relation to SOAP faults.It follows Postel’s robustness principle – “be conservative in what you send, liberal in what you accept” – and that’s probably OK for such a simple service.But for something more complex, you might consider Mark Rose’s rebuttal to the robustness principle, and impose more restrictions.

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