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I wasn’t raised in a sexually oppressed environment and as a middle class straight white cisgender male I definitely had more opportunities than many.However, I did have plenty of cultural shame attached to areas of sexuality, and as a feminist I definitely wanted to approach sex and dating with respect.Cars were maneuvering around Edna, but it was a little precarious for sure.The peering neighbor offered the oh-so-helpful advice of ‘you’re gonna have to move it’ as he took another puff of his cigarette. Within a few moments AJ took control, tried to tune out the neighbor, and with the help of her friend pulled Edna safely up a steep gravel driveway.

None of us had any working knowledge of such things and had only done some minor Googling.

However, as I stood outside and prepared to leave with a quick hug and promise to help in any way I could, I stole one more look at St. Sure, she looked a little worn in and like any other RV that you’d spot in camp grounds or freeways across America, but I had a vision of her future.

Someday, in the not too distant future, Amory Jane will be behind the wheel traveling the country to not only educate and discuss sex and sexuality with the masses, but to truly bring them hope.

I was quickly comforted as Amory Jane and her co-teacher (Sid Need) put everyone at ease and educated us about oral sex.

I learned tons of different tips, ideas, positions, and more practical information about anatomy than any public education or Google searches had ever provided me.

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