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Aderholt, who sits on Trump's agriculture advisory committee, says the Obama administration's approach was 'activist driven' and people who voted for Trump are looking for a more common-sense approach.In September, the Trump campaign pitched rolling back food safety regulations in a fact sheet, arguing they are burdensome to farmers and criticizing increased inspections of food manufacturing facilities as 'overkill.' Many other laws are either already in place or close to it, including a revised 'nutrition facts' panel on the back of food packages, with a new line breaking out added sugars, a labeling law for genetically modified foods and calorie labeling on restaurant and supermarket menus.

In 1969, the Baylor College of Medicine became technically independent from Baylor University.'I would be very surprised if we don't see some major changes on the school lunch program' and some other food issues, said Rep.Robert Aderholt of Alabama, the Republican chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees Agriculture Department spending.In 1841, 35 delegates to the Union Baptist Association meeting voted to adopt the suggestion of Rev. Although these three men are credited as being the founders of the university, many others worked to see the first university established in Texas and thus they were awarded Baylor's Founders Medal. Lipscomb of the Texas Supreme Court began teaching classes in the "science of law," making Baylor the first in Texas and the second university west of the Mississippi to teach law. In the fall of 1844, the Texas Baptist Education Society petitioned the Congress of the Republic of Texas to charter a Baptist university.

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