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At that point, he still had very few details about the case and said he was ready to do his civic duty.

Then came the horrific photos."(By the end of the trial), you've seen the body of a 10-year-old girl that's been shot in the head, sprayed with water that likely contained dog feces, put into a box after she's been raped and sodomized," Meyerhofer said.

Jurors were also given two handwritten stories about sex with girls that had been found in Wood's bedroom.

Meyerhofer said the first story was about a girl who was given medication and then raped.

Wood's attorneys said the mitigating factors were a family history of depression, a loving relationship with his parents and that Wood could have a positive impact on his friends' lives — even from behind bars.

Meyerhofer said he voted for death."To a degree, I think serving on that jury hardens me a bit," he said.

"Human life is very important and that is not an easy decision to make.

And it changes you — it changes how you're going to approach the world with your own children."Meyerhofer is a father of three daughters."The world I wanna live in," he said, "my kids walk home without being afraid of being picked up randomly by someone to be murdered."Meyerhofer said he was able to compartmentalize this case — to not compare Hailey to his daughters."This whole thing for us was always about Hailey Owens losing her life," he said.

Wood kidnapped, raped and killed 10-year-old Hailey Owens in 2014.To Meyerhofer, the stories showed a progression in Wood's mind: from a fictional forced rape to a fictional willing participant to the real abduction and rape of Hailey.Meyerhofer said a unanimous decision to convict Wood of first-degree murder was swift.“I really was impressed with how thorough this prosecution did in terms of gathering evidence and not cutting any corners,” Meyerhofer said. We were forced to process what that meant."The penalty phase of Wood's trial lasted three days.On Monday, the jurors heard closing arguments and went to deliberate.For a jury to sentence someone to death for murder, it must find there was at least one "aggravating factor" as outlined in state law.

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