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A single word provides no substance, and does little or nothing to help you schedule a date or a booty call.Bring Value To Her Life Most guys text girls with the goal of getting something from her, whether it be her attention, her time or her body.Here are some examples of first text messages that you can send to a girl: “I like that place we all were at at the end of the night.

You probably already knew that, but these little smiley faces should be part of every man’s texting toolkit, too.Always Be The One To End It If the conversation is going really well, keep her wanting more of you by ending it.They convey to her that you’re a fun guy with a playful, light-hearted attitude.If you’re gonna say “Hi,” always add it on to something else.If you met her at a bar, say something about the bar, or the crazy girls dancing on the counter, or where you went after drinking.

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