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The High Power has been issued to the armed services of more than fifty nations, including Canada, where it still serves as a battle pistol.A generation ago, the High Power was issued to elite units in the United States, including the New Jersey State Police Fugitive Squad and the FBI Hostage Rescue Team.It is among the most recognizable handguns worldwide; if you scan the news, you may see a High Power in the hands of Indian police or waved by a woman during a street battle in Iraq.

The early versions feature a slide lock safety that is smaller than many competing types, but with practice the safety isn’t as difficult to manipulate as some would have us believe.

It has been in continuous production since 1934 and though it has waned in popularity today, it is still carried by several police forces across the globe, and even here in America the pistol still has its devotees, and is valued for its history, performance and collector interest.

With the German Luger, the High Power is one of the original guns that fire the readily obtainable 9mm cartridge.

It is a shame that the heavy trigger action limits accuracy potential in many variants, but then the piece was made for short range combat.

Practiced marksmen will make good hits in spite of the trigger action as long as the trigger is consistent.

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