Are kelly rowland and 50 cent dating

Test your DC knowledge with's Ultimate Destiny's Child Quiz, and see how well you've been paying attention since they first broke out 15 years ago.We’re not sure what look Rihanna was going for here.

Cici also showed off her back bending hula hoop dropping skills for the audience.

• Top 40 Girl Group Songs Ever • Top 20 Most Underrated Girl Group Songs • Top 10 Most Iconic Girl Group Videos • Little Mix Studio Session • 10 K-Pop Girl Groups You Need To Know • Spice Girls' Biggest Billboard Hits • Girl Group Readers' Poll • Dixie Chicks' Emily on Why Girl Groups Rule • TLC's Chilli on Why Girl Groups Rule • Fifth Harmony Talk Girl Groups: Video POP SHOP HOMEPAGEWith Girl Group Week coming to a bittersweet end on on Friday (May 2), it's time to turn our attention to one of the biggest girl groups ever assembled, that happened to jump-start the career of one of the biggest solo artists of all time.

Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams accrued a staggering number of hits in a relatively short amount of time, making fans bounce to "Say My Name" before heralding the "Independent Women," and then when their time as a group was winding down, they underlined that they had fulfilled their destiny all along.

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=== ==== === ==== === === === === === === === Wow...ladies with 10 pounds of weave on their heads each. Maybe she cares for him, but doesn't feel they could be in a relationship. They probably did have sex, but SHE realized it shouldn't go any further.

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