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These data come from a set of weather stations that have collected data consistently since 1950. century because fewer stations were operating at that time. Figure 4 was created by reviewing all daily maximum temperatures from 1948 to 2015 and identifying the 95 percentile temperature (a temperature that one would only expect to exceed in five days out of every 100) at each station. Next, for each year, the total number of days with maximum temperatures higher than the 95 percentile (that is, unusually hot days) was determined. Many people are familiar with record daily high and low temperatures, which are frequently mentioned in weather reports.

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In addition, measuring devices and methods have changed over time, and some stations have moved.

The data have been adjusted to the extent possible to account for some of these influences and biases, however, and these uncertainties are not sufficient to change the fundamental trends shown in the figures. Figures 4 and 5 use data from a somewhat larger set of stations tracked by the National Centers for Environmental Information, known as the Global Historical Climatology Network.

Record-setting daily temperatures, heat waves, and cold spells are a natural part of day-to-day variation in weather.

As the Earth’s climate warms overall, however, heat waves are expected to become more frequent, longer, and more intense.

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